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"If it grows in Washington state, we most likely have it." ~ Bret Ratfield

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Going Green. . . . . . . Rose Care

Transplanting with fiber pots (biodegradable containers)
 • 1) Dig a hole two times as deep and as wide as the pot.
 • 2) Backfill the hole with soil, setting the plant two inches higher than surrounding soil, but
        ensure the plant is not deeper than the original soil line. In spring or fall if soils are
        acidic (ph 5), calcium deficiency or moss.
 • 3) Remove pot bottom, slit sides and tear off rim.
 • 4) Fill the hole with Dr. Earth Compost or planting mix and starter fertilizer
        (see directions on the bag), pack firmly making a basin around the plant for watering.
 • 5) Water thoroughly, filling the basin
How to plant "bare root"
 • 1) Dig a hole twice the size of the root structure. Mix soil from the hole with an equal
        amount of Dr. Earth planting mix or compost.
 • 2) Put soil mixture into the bottom of the hole making a mound high enough to allow the
        plant to site at ground level.
 • 3) Sprinkle Dr. Earth starter fertilizer on top of mound and scratch into soil.
 • 4) Prune roots if needed- only an inch or two.
 • 5) Place the plant in the hole and fill hole over roots to one inch below ground level.
 • 6) Water well and allow to drain. Fill hole to original soil level with more soil mixture,
        water thoroughly.

 • 1) Work into the soil a good organic fertilizer and compost in the Spring. We recommend
        Dr. Earth Rose and Flower food and planting mix.
 • 2) Apply fertilizer 1-2 times in the summer (June and August) avoid fall fertilizing. Apply
        compost or planting mix as a mulch in the fall to protect roots during winter.

Pruning . . . always use clean tools
 • 1) Hard prune roses in March. Use angle cuts above a node. Cut out crossing branches.
 • 2) Climbing roses- selectively remove older canes. Light prune younger canes to shape.

Pest Control
 • 1) Treat as needed with an organic pesticide. We can help you if you identify the
        problem help with a sensible solution.
 • 2) Always read the label on the bottle and follow the directions.

Alpine Nursery’s 2011 Weeks Rose List
 • Blue Girl • Chicago Peace • Chrysler Imperial • Colorific • Dick Clark •Double Delight
 • Easy Does It •Fragrant Cloud • Gemini • Ginger Snap •Heart ‘ O ‘ Gold • Hot Cocoa
 • John F. Kennedy • Memorial Day • Midas Touch • Mr. Lincoln • Octoberfest • Oregold
 • Peace • Perfume Delight • Pumpkin Patch • Sunsprite • Tiffany • We Salute You
 • White Licorice