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      . . . . Aquatic Plants, information and care

Aquatic Plants or Pond Plants are an important part of the ecological system in your water garden or koi pond. Pond plants are very nice to look at and they will actually help you keep algae levels low, and help protect fish from predators with surface coverage.

Pond plants fall into four basic groups:

1)  Deep Water Plants:
        Lotus,Water Lilies (hardy and tropical), lily-like Aquatics (Marsh Clover, Water
        Hawthorn). Grow in 1’-2’ of water, submerged.
2)  Bog Plants or marginals:
        grow in moist soil up to 6”-12”of water.rim of the pond. (Cattails, Cannas, Grasses,
        Sedges and Rushes).
3)  Floating Plants:
        just float on the surface of the pond and don't need to be rooted in a planter.
        (Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce)
4)  Oxygenating Plants grow totally submerged :
        submerged plants, look like water weeds (Hornwort)

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We offer a huge selection of aquatic water plants to choose from. Your water garden plants work for you to balance your pond environment. Pond plants are needed to prevent your pond water from looking green and murky, as algae will grow out of control without them. Pond plants are necessary to achieve a quality water balance and provide surface coverage in your garden pond.

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Plants for your pond

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