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The Garden Corner. . . tips and coversations

This is a new feature to Alpines Website.
Here you will find articles about gardening in the Pacific Northwest and tips and comments from our customers as well as the Alpine newsletter contributions.

Winterizing Your Ponds and Garden

   Contributed by . . . Kerri Bailey

• Cut back perennials as they die back. Dead head to increase bloom.
• Over winter any summer annuals or discard in compost
• Mulch any exposed roots on trees, shrubs & flowers.
• Drain irrigation, wrap up hoses, cover/wrap spikets & pipes*
• Dormant spray trees, fruit/berries & shrubs when leaves have dropped to help prevent
   fungal / bug problems for spring.

• Cut back plants as they die down. Remove annual floaters (hyacinths, lettuce) and discard.
   Winterize tropicals indoors if desired. Mulch any exposed roots with gravel to protect from
   freezing and wind burn.
• Decrease feeding your fish to every other day, graduating to 2-3 times a week until we
   reach 50 deg F– then stop feeding. Always use cold water fish food formula for spring
   and fall.
• Keep ponds free of falling leaves, clean out skimmer daily if needed.
• Cover your pond with netting to catch leaves and keep predators out.
• Ponds should be running all year long, make sure ice doesn’t cause channeling leaks, watch
   water levels– top off if needed. Pondless and Bubblers can be shut off if desired, winterize
   pump in the garage.
• Salt your pond (if you have fish) when plants are dormant, it is a great preventative for
   potential fish diseases that may occur in the spring. Add rock/pond salt at a rate of 1lb salt
   to 100 gallons of water.
• If your pond freezes over, pour warm water to make a hole for gas exchanges.
   Don’t bang the ice, the shock waves may damage or kill fish.
   Add a cold water bacteria treatment, like Autumn Leaves Digester, to help reduce sludge
   and keep water clear.

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