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Garden Tips:

·         Fall is one of the best times to plant blooming perennials, colorful shrubs & trees.


·         Use Dr. Earth Starter fertilizer and soil amendments to ensure planting success!

·         Cur back dead leaves and foliage on perennials, discard summer  

What’s Happening at Alpine   10-11-11

    Come in and see the Fall Color    

Shrubs: Dogwoods, Viburnums, Witch Hazel, Sumac

      Trees: Japanese Maples, Shade Maples, Dogwood


         New Arrivals:    

·         ‘Autumn Blaze’ ‘October Glory’ ‘Red Sunset’   ‘Rugged Charm’ ‘Fall Feista’ ‘Red Point’  Shade  Maples  that display stunning red, orange & yellow  fall color.

·         Katsura, Stewartia & Sweet Gum Trees  


·          Fall Blooming  Perennials: Echinaceas,

Black-Eyed Susans, Agastache, plus many more!    



       Winter Checklist for Ponds:

  • Cut back plants and remove dead leaves. Remove & disgard annual floaters. Submerge any exposed pots and cover roots with gravel. Winterize tropical plants indoors.
  • Add pond salt (mortons rock salt, blue bag) when plants are dormant at a rate of 1lb/100gallons of water.  Salt is a terrific preventative for many diseases and parasites and it is inexpensive.
  • Add a cold water beneficial bacteria treatment- Autumn Leaves Digester- to help reduce sludge & debris & keep water sparkling clear.
  • Use a cold water fish food for fall and spring and reduce fish feedings to 2-3 times a week, then 1-2 times a week.  When we hit 50 deg. F water temperature stop feeding until spring. 

Questions: Email at

Proud of your project?  Send Us your Pond & Garden Pictures and if selected we will post them on  email us at:



 Fall Classes

Bonsai 101   Instructor: Kerri Bailey

Cost: $15 includes tree and a pot ^
Class date/time: Sunday, October 30, 2011 11am to 12pm
Class date/time: Saturday, October 22 10am to 11pm

Location: The Pond Pad at Alpine Nursery


Indoor Gardening    Instructor: Dennis Ryan  

Cost: Free     Location: Alpine Nursery                                      Class Dates / Time: Sunday Oct. 16th, Oct. 30th & Nov. 13th 10:30am-11am 


Winterizing Your Pond & Garden
Instructor: Kerri Bailey       Cost: Free  

Sunday September 25th & October 16th time: 11- 11:45am Saturday, October 22nd & October 29th  time: 10- 10:45am
Location: The Pond Pad at Alpine Nursery


Fall Planting         Instructor: Dennis Ryan                      Cost: Free   Location: Alpine Nursery                              Class Dates/Time: Sunday Oct. 2nd & Nov. 6th   11-11:30am

You can enroll in classes by email: or call 253-332-2158 to register.

         Walk-ins are  always welcomed!

What’s Coming Up:

 Getting ready for the holidays…..

See what’s blooming at:


       Alpine Nursery & Landscape            17518  79th Ave E, Puyallup 98375
                  (253) 847-7078

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