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Garden Tips:

Use a “dormant spray” on any trees and shrubs that loose their leaves in winter.

 Lilacs, Fruit Trees, Maples, Grapes & Berries and any  other plant that may be susceptible to insects or diseases.  Follow the directions carefully, as dormant spraying is weather dependant and wear proper protective gear.

  Hi-Yield Lime Sulfur Dormant Spray.

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Co. Blue Spruce       Cork Bark Fir             Grand Fir  

               Living Christmas Trees    

Colorado Blue Spruce: A Rocky Mountain tree  having silvery-blue-green, four-angled, needlelike leaves and cylindrical cones.

Cork Bark Fir: A native of Arizona and the western states the Cork Bark Fir has a corky creamy white bark and needles from 1” to 1 1/2”. Resembles a Blue Spruce but with softer needles.

Grand Fir: Has  glossy dark green needles that are 1 to 1 1/2 inches long with white lines beneath & grow in two rows. Soft to the touch & may not be able to hold heavier ornaments. It  is known for its strong fragrance.

Noble Fir: A western North American fir, native to the  Cascade Range and Coast Range mountains of extreme northwest California and western Oregon and Washington.

Norway Spruce:  Is one of our best selling potted, living Christmas tree. Deep green foliage with short needles. Is a fast grower  in the ground. Takes well to shearing.

Serbain Spruce: Native to the northern parts of Europe &  Asia. It has shorter needles than the Colorado spruce and measuring only 1/2" to 3/4" in length. Visually, it has a two-color-tone effect, a medium green and silvery-gray.

Turkish Fir:    A native to northern Turkey. Turkish Fir is similar to Nordman fir but is a very different species. The main difference is that the needles are flatter on the stem.         

  Noble Fir     Norway Spruce  Serbain Spruce  Turkish Fir

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Living Christmas Tree Care:

1.     Keep your tree in the garage or outside until you are ready to decorate it. Clean your tree before bringing it in doors, if needed.

2.     Once inside keep your tree a cool or unheated room for 5-10 days or possibly longer. Warm room temperatures may trigger the tree to break dormancy and start growing, which makes them harder to acclimate to outdoor conditions.

3.     Place tree away from windows, vents and wood stoves / fire places that are in use.

4.     Place a water tray under the pot to catch water runoff.  Keeping ice cubes on the roots help to keep roots cool. Soil should be damp but not wet.     Check soil daily.

5.     Turn off lights when not at home and at night when you are sleeping. This helps keep needles cooler.

6.     Acclimate your tree before returning it outside.

7.       Plant in the landscape or transfer it into a larger pot for use next year.  Selective shearing on the sides of your tree year after will help you get the traditional Christmas tree shape.  


 Winter Checklist for Ponds:

  • You can keep your water falls running all year.  If you choose to shut down your falls, make sure you use a fountain pump or de-icer to maintain a hole in the ice for gas exchanges.
  • Add pond salt (mortons rock salt, blue bag) when plants are dormant at a rate of 1lb/100gallons of water.  Salt is a terrific preventative for many diseases and parasites and it is inexpensive.
  • Add a cold water beneficial bacteria treatment- Autumn Leaves Digester- to help reduce sludge & debris & keep water sparkling clear.
  • Fish do not need to eat during the winter.  Wait until April (weather dependant) or so to start feeding your fish with a cold season/ wheat diet.
  • Keep Skimmer baskets cleaned out regularly, daily if needed. Tetra De-Icer


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